So far……. so good: Part 1

Here we are, on the eve of December; less than 4 weeks to Christmas and then get ready for 2019. So, it seems right to use our first couple of blogs to bring everyone up to date with what’s been going on and where we are.

I’ll try and keep it short and just give key points – those that know me would be rolling their eyes if they could see me writing this!!

So, at the end of April this year we formed a group called the Northern Meeting Park Group and started work on developing our Constitution and setting up a bank account. This meant that we could start looking for funding to help with development work such as community engagement.

Whilst this was going on we were busy attending workshops and meetings which built our knowledge and understanding of the Community Asset Transfer process. We owe a great deal to staff at Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), Development Trust Association Scotland (DTAS), Community Ownership Support Service (COSS), Impact Hub (Inverness), Highland Council  – all of whom have given time and shown patience to us as “first timers”

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