A funny old week

Well, it’s Friday and to be honest I feel that, despite spending most of the week either on my laptop or the phone, we haven’t made much progress.

It started last Thursday, in fact, when I contacted a Chartered Surveyor about getting the Park valued.  He spent 25 mins talking about the NMP and the complexities of valuing it.

“Good stuff” I thought.

“I’ll get back to you with a quote to do the valuation tomorrow”

“Great” I thought. Well, that didn’t happen so I messaged him on Monday.

“Been busy, sorry. Get back to you by close of play Tuesday”

“Mmmm”, I thought… and here we are on Friday!

Now that’s disappointing enough but whilst I was waiting for him to not get back to me I tried 4 more Chartered Surveyors: of the 4, three thought it was too complex to do and the forth I’m still waiting for a call despite 3 emails and 2 phone calls.


Anyway, rant over. Today is the closing date for the bids to do the feasibility study and business plan and I am pleased – and relieved after the above experiences – that we have received three quotations. The board will now need to decide which one we would like to carry out the work and then apply for the funding. I’ll let you know as soon as we’ve agreed.

Ali Macrae has been on a “Community Shares” Workshop and we’ll get some information out to you shortly.

We are still waiting for some feedback on our SCIO constitution from DTAS (Development Trust Association Scotland) and it will be next Wednesday when we get that.


Have you signed up for membership yet? If not, click on this link and get on board. Its FREE and there’s no commitment to do anything BUT it will show your support for getting the Park open and used.


“Are you a member of the Northern Meeting Park yet, Donald?”

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