So far……..So good: Part 2

So, we’ve made loads of contacts and friends.

In order to test whether people would use the park if the gates were opened we had a two week trial opening at the beginning of June. Some of you might have popped in for a picnic or a quiet sit down and read or to hold a meeting or to have a pipe band practice or just to take the scenic route to work and it was great to see so many people coming and going – well over 1000  in fact. We gathered loads of useful information which said an unequivocal YES you want it open and you backed up what came out of our public meeting in January.

We are now applying for charitable status – SCIO – which will mean a new, beefed -up constitution. This has now been written and will be agreed and incorporated very soon. That will be sent off with our SCIO application and hopefully the charitable status should follow. Watch this space.

Along side this we are applying for funding to carry out the next phase of the plan…… research in to exactly what we are taking on and the viability of our ideas. This will be in the form of a Feasibility Study, Technical surveys, Valuation and the production of a Business Plan. We are applying to the Scottish Land Fund and the Architectural Heritage Fund in the first instance and have to thank HIE, Impact Hub, DTAS and AHF for their support at this stage.

Well, that’s where we are at. Needless to say we’ll keep you updated with how we get on and we’ll put our new constitution on the site as soon as it has been ratified.



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